Leisure Time in July-August in the Fox Bay (the Crimea)

Meetings with the naturists from the different Ukrainian, Russian & European cities in one of the most beautiful places of the Crimea.
Excursions to the Dead City (Kara-Dag Mount), to the Tzar Beach (Novy Svet), to the museums of Koktebel, Pheodosia, dolphine farm in Biostantsia (Biostation).
The cleanest Crimean sea with the wonderful beach & bottom in some metres from your tent. Free of charge windserf training. Barbercures, guitar and a lot of Crimean wine in the evening.
Usually appr.50 persons spend their time in Nushka during the season.

Living Conditions

The Fox Bay is situated on the Black Sea between Kurortny Village and Sun Valley Village not far from Koktebel. The traditional Kiev & Kharkov naturists gathering place is the most western end of the Fox Bay (so called Nushka, cf. Nu - style).
You should take some necessary things with you, such as - a tent, a set of cans for cooking on the open fire. Your boots must be convenient for mountain hiking to visit the Achki-Dag Mount to the water-spring & wood.

Prices & Root

The approximate price for the direct train from Kharkov to Feodosiya is 20 grivnas (2001). The bus-station is located in the center of Pheodosia. The bus will bring you to Kurortny Village (Biostantsia) in an hour & will cost 2 grv for a person (1,5 grv for the luggage). Then you will have to cover the root of 2,5-3 km along the beach from Kurortny to the Fox Bay (Nushka) itself.
You may take a taxi from the bus-station to the Kurortny Peers. It would cost 30 grv., and 10 grv per person if you`ll decide to get to the place by motorboat. The last way is more convenient if you plan to take the children with you, or you have a lot of heavy luggage. Also you may take a taxi from the bus-station to Edem (across the Sun Valley) - 40-45 grv. & then along the beach to the eastern side. It will take you 10-15 min.

The approximate term of the trip - from July,20 till August,20.

The detailes may be learned precisely from the Chief of the Society..

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