Koktebel is situated in 21 kilometer from Feodosiya in plain between a chine Kara-Dag and cape Kiik-Aitlama. Three climates here are bridged: steppe, subtropical and mining. Summer very warm wuth mean temperature of air 25С. There are magnificent mining landscapes, beatiful big bay, wonderful energetics and winemaking.

Many Russian poets and writers as a Mikhail Bulgakov, Andrew Belyi, Alexander Grin, Evgeniy Zamyatin, Korney Chykovsky, Sergey Ephron, Konstantin Bogaevsky, Marina Tcvetaeva, Nikolay Gumilev, Alexander Blok, Margarita Sabashnikova were charmed of Koktebel beauty. The artist, poet, historian Maxymillian Voloshin became saver of natural gift, spirit, genius of this places. He constructed first house on these coast, which one was saved now. The artist, poet, historian, Voloshin has written the page in a history of naturism.

In 1910 he has published the book "Dazzles, Nude", in which propagandized naturism. These ideas were accepted up by creative intelligency, which one Voloshin invited to itself in Koktebel. Step-by-step the first in Russia nudist beach occupies the territory more than 1.5 kilometers.

Now in Koktebel there are most miscellaneous alternatives of rest - from wild up to comfortable. The humour of Koktebel best has transmitted Vasily Aksenov in the book "Island of Crimea". It is that case, when the imagination of the writer became a reality. It is possible much to speak about Koktebel, to esteem photos, but that atmosphere of freedom and gentle liberate is possible to feel, only having arrived here.

Sergey Zhyzhylev

Prices & Root

The approximate price for the direct train from Kharkov to Pheodosia is 20 grivnas (2001). You may take a taxi from the railway station to the Koktebel. It would cost 30 grv.

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