Leisure-time in the Monsena Resort (Khorvatia) during the yearly Alpian-Adriatic meeting of the International Naturism Federation (May, 28 - June, 3, 2002, thirty meeting)

Festival opening of the season, meetings with the naturists from Germany, Austria, Chechia, Hungary and other european countries (the total number of the participants contains 500 - 700 of people), sports - volley-ball, tennis (lawn & table), chess, roping etc., winners awarding, parties & dancings.

Living conditions

The Monsena Resort is situated on the Adriatic Seaside next to Rovin City not far from the city of Poola. The semi-island of Istra belonged to Italia till 1946 & is being under its violance till our days. There are the ruins of the Ancient Rome Coliseum and other interesting sights in the city of Poola. During the excursions you may visit these places and other resort cities.
The resort has comfortable rooms in one or two-stored buildings. You`ll have your meals in a restaurant. There are shower-cabins with plain water on the beach. The resort area has a shop, a cafe, an aquagun, boat renting, water-scooters etc.
There is a naturists` camp Valalta (3-4 thousands of people) nearby.
The conveniences are the same (but more expensive) plus the yachting peers.The large naturists` resort Coversada (5 thousands of people) is in 40 km.

Prices & Root

The price of this leisure is approximately $ 340-350, including traffic expenses.
1 variant - bus tour Kiev-Budapest-Monsena $ 150
2 variant - by train Kiev-Budapest-Riekka, then by bus to Monsena $ 180
3 variant - by train Kiev-Budapest, then by bus to Monsena $ 130

Living - 8 days, $ 17 each (2 times meals in the restaurant, the Swidish lunch). You must have international pass and $ 27 for the receiving of visa by April,10.

The tour in USA

International Naturists Federation Congress in USA, State of Florida, Club "Cypress Love" (August, 2002). The programme consists of: - reports of the Chiefs of the INF & national organisations; - elections of the INF managers for 2002 - 2004 period; - unformal communication for the members of national delegations.

The detailes may be learned precisely from the Chief of the Society..

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